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Dr. Dave Gobeille is an author and executive coach, who provides insights into achieving success and growth, both personally and professionally.

Announcing the release of Dr. Dave Gobeille’s latest book Cattle, Crops, & Spurs: Doing Business the Cowboy Way
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About Dr. Dave Gobeille’s latest book Cattle, Crops, & Spurs: Doing Business the Cowboy Way 

For many, the American cowboy symbolizes hard work, honor, and adventure. For Dr. Dave Gobeille―rancher, successful businessman, and certified executive and business coach―the cowboy ideal provides not only a symbol and source of inspiration, but a model for honest, godly leadership.

Dave’s inner cowboy first emerged and thrived on a part-time basis while he built two multi-million-dollar orthodontic practices. With those under his belt, Dave has combined his business savvy with his ranching and cowboying experiences to become an executive coach. Now, he shares the valuable principles he learned along the way in Cattle, Crops, & Spurs. He blends a cowboy twang with educated finesse, encouraging readers to remember who holds the highest authority and to operate with great integrity―or, in cowboy speak, “don’t take what ain’t yours.”

Cowboys have freedom and duty, enthusiasm and honor, imperfections and the humility to recognize them. The same qualities that allow them to thrive in an often-harsh environment can help business leaders thrive with integrity and courage.

In Cattle, Crops, & Spurs, Dave draws principles from the Ten Commandments and the Cowboy Code and expands them with anecdotes from his ranching experience. The result will challenge leaders of all stripes, whether city folk or ranchers at heart, to transform their lives and the cultures of their businesses.

About Dr. Dave Gobeille

Dr. Dave Gobeille (DDS, University of Illinois; MS, Oral Biology; Loyola University) is an orthodontist, rancher, rodeo cowboy, and an executive coach with a passion for developing leaders. Dave built two multi-million-dollar businesses and has always enjoyed a life of adventure. He and his wife of forty-nine years, Carolyn, live on a ranch in Central Oregon.