Characteristics of a Mediocre Business

Without vision people perish.
— Proverbs 29:18

All business have the potential to be the very best, but what gets in the way?

  1. Lack of leadership. The leader him or herself is not performing at maximum potential – no clarity of vision, lack of commitment, lack of a precise game plan to succeed, lack of self-esteem.
  2. Acceptance of a mediocre team. Numerous reasons why top-notch personnel are not available.
  3. Low fees. Fees that are not representative of the service which is being offered.
  4. Inattentive to overhead expenses.
  5. Not setting an obvious example of quality and excellence.
  6. Not taking care of people in such a way they hesitate to leave the business.
  7. Not creating a massive number of referral sources from your own business.
  8. Constantly missing the opportunity to empower partners, teams, and clients.
  9. A facility that is not first rate.  Doesn't represent who you really are.
  10. FEAR & a thousand different forms.