Questions to consider: What is meaningful in your life?

What provides fulfillment?  What is your purpose?  What gives you energy?  What is THE ANSWER?

Are you inspired?  Are you excited?

Is the work you do so great that you can't believe you're getting paid to do it?

If money wasn't an issue, what would be different in your life?

Is it so great you are willing to do it alone?

Do you get up 45 minutes early each morning because you are just so excited about the possibilities of the new day?

What would the perfect day look like?

Are you a participant in life or a spectator?

Are you living your life out of vision or out of your circumstances?

Are you making a difference?  Is the world better because you are here?

Fear gets in the way of really knowing what is meaningful in our lives.
— Dave Gobeille

Is your life reasonable and comfortable...or outrageous and extraordinary?

Do you really believe that you can create and select a reality for yourself that amplifies your self-worth, joy, beauty, love and inner peace?

Hopefully, in this Success Manual, you will find inspiration to become the very best you can be, not only in business but in life as well.  My heart's desire is that you grow in every of your life and learn to strive and thrive in your business.

Let the journey begin!